VitaMax B-Complex

VitaMax B-Complex


When it comes to maintaining good health, B vitamins are on the A-list!  Our pharmacist-formulated blend is jam-packed with the 8 essential B vitamins your body needs to convert nutrients to energy, maintain a healthy immune system, and so much more, to keep you feeling your best!

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  • Of the 13 vitamins that are considered “essential” to our health, 8 of them belong to the vitamin B family!  From converting nutrients to energy and maintaining a healthy immune system, to DNA and red blood cell production, it’s no wonder these vitamins are considered essential.


    Our bodies are unable to store excess levels of these vitamins for later use, so it’s important we hit our daily requirements.  While most Western diets don’t fulfill these requirements, this supplement contains 100% or more of the recommended daily values of all 8 essential B vitamins!

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