Feeling the Winter Blues?

Many of us can find ourselves in a slump this time of year, perhaps feeling more tired and moody than normal. Instead of staying curled up under the covers all season, wishing the winter away, there could be an easy fix to get you out of bed and feeling great.

Vitamin D3 is nicknamed the “sunshine vitamin” because the body produces D3 in response to sun exposure. It’s an important vitamin your body requires for everything from bone health, to muscle function, to immune strength, and more.

Healthy vitamin D3 levels also promote high energy, positive mood, and an overall feeling of well-being. As we lose access to the sun, our winter blues could be as simple as a slight vitamin D3 deficiency. Studies estimate nearly 70% of Americans are deficient, primarily due to inadequate sun exposure.

Vitamin D3 deficiencies aren’t only prevalent in colder, snowier parts of the country. Even people in the sunniest climates likely have lower vitamin D3 levels this time of year, as long sleeves and pants and greater cloud coverage limit the body’s absorption.

We recommend supplementing with vitamin D3, especially in the winter months. 2,000IU has been clinically shown to be a safe and effective dose for maintaining proper D3 levels.

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